remember websites? websites were cool. i'm glad we're having websites again now. hello.

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APRIL 16th 2023 hellooooo party people!! i've been poking at things more, made a gallery of some photos and a shrine to PRINCESS AI, one of my favorite ridiculous tokyopop projects from my teenage years. one thing i intend to do at some point is put up some galleries for convention and concert photos because i have a crapton of them. SPEAKING of concerts i have obtained for myself one (1) vip ticket for dethklok at the babyklok tour and i am SO stoked. you know how i love my cartoon bands, and i absolutely had a metalocalypse phase back in college. i wrote fanfiction about those guys!!! also babymetal rules and i'm stoked to see them but i did not write fanfiction about them. also check out this sweet art i did way back when: MARCH 19th 2023 oof been a little while since i updated huh?? other than the usual work taking up a bunch of my time i've been spending a lot of time organizing some files on my computer which took a really long time but now that i'm done with that hopefully i can go back to updating more stuff soon. i plan on replaying watch_dogs 2 to get some canon review going soon too (for rp purposes of course). orignally i was gonna watch a playthrough while i was organizing files but i got mad at people for not talking to the characters so fuck it, i'm gonna do it myself. now i can play with the fancy high quality textures, ooh boy. in other news, i went to a nice little college convention and finally saw promare, which was super good. made zero sense. a+, 10/10. also i did karaoke and sang lithium flower. okay that's all hopefully you'll see me around more.
JANUARY 30th 2023 boy i'm bad at writing updates on the site huh??? video games are taking up my time of course and now i'm back on my watch_dogs bullshit because i remembered wrench was supposed to be in the legion dlc so i checked it out and babey... he's still so good. extremely divorced. spent some time pretending to be normal (badly). pining so very very hard for marcus. into magical goats. so yeah of course i'm roleplaying him again. made a shrine for him, as is custom. if they're gonna keep up with these watch_dogs novels i would like for them to write one about wrench/san francisco dedsec, for me, please, thank you. anyway, nice thing about a website is you can just kinda pick at stuff every so often, which i am doing.


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