remember websites? websites were cool. i'm glad we're having websites again now. hello.

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OCTOBER 4 2023 boy howdy has a lot been going on! i've been not doing much with the website but.......... at some point i am gonna work on a metalocalypse shrine because it's Inevitable. probably will make some blinkies too. army of the doomstar was incredible, babyklok was incredible (seeing dethklok might be a religious experience turns out???), i'm getting some good toki rp done, went to pittsburgh gaming expo and played some pinball and saw a bunch of bands, did some other stuff, blah blah blah blah. i'm participating in kloktober over on tumblr (agentkaz) (will put it all into a single fic at the end of the month so i don't spam ao3) and after that i'm gonna keep working on a sequel to undethklok. it's really weird. uhhh i think that's all i gotta say right now.
AUGUST 9 2023 hey friends! sorry about not doing much update-wise, i've been doing all kinds of stuff all over the internet. in site news, i did add my deus ex 1 fanmix to the fanmixes page at some point, which is possibly my favorite fanmix i've ever done. in other news, i finished undethklok! might have taken me thirteen years to do it, but i did it!! check it out here. and i couldn't just finish undethklok without making some stupid smut to go with it, so here's pretty dead boys (NSFW LINK!!!), aka undethklok gaiden, my very-nsfw-but-not-exactly-sexy skwistok side story. link is nsfw. it's an nsfw side story. the main story is not smut but this side story is. i am warning you. i am warning you so hard. anyway! also reinstalled the sims 2 and my dethklok sims are still there so maybe i'll make a page for sims screenshots. in meatspace news, went to tekko, had a good time, army of the doomstar comes out in a couple weeks, babyklok show is next month, things are good. i'll try to get working on some site stuff again soon!
JUNE 11th 2023 hi hi again! today's site update involves starting a page for my fanmixes, which i really enjoy doing. so far i just have my new toki wartooth fanmix up, but i intend to zip things up and put them all on there eventually. here you'll be able to download them, which is a big help to the fact that spotify likes to take stuff i put on my mixes down and Every Single Song is important or i wouldn't have put it there. beyond that, i've poked around with some website stuff here and there in the past couple of months. now that i'm in my neo-metalocalypse phase i'm spending a lotta time thinking about it and i've picked up toki for rp purposes (i played him occasionally back on gaia in the olden days). i've also been rewriting my old fic undethklok with the intent to actually finish it, and if you're interested in that you can find that here. okay that's it, seeya next update.

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