remember websites? websites were cool. i'm glad we're having websites again now. hello.

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JUNE 24th 2022 whoops haven't updated a ton but i'm working on stuff here and there! right now i'm poking through some more old files and i'm adding some stuff to the toybox and will probably add some other stuff too. i got a new graphics card but i didn't think to consider the power supply so i had to buy a VERY SPECIFIC one and now i have to wait until it shows up to see what all this "raytracing" business is about. computers hard.
MAY 19th 2022 okay i think i can start updating the stobotnik shrine soon since the movie's been out a while. IN OTHER NEWS i have a flipper zero his name is om4sy4 and i love him very much

APRIL 10th 2022: haven't been updating the site a ton because my brain has been consumed with sonic 2 especially now that i've seen it and stewed on it a few days. IT'S SO GOOD IT'S SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!! there's a lot i want to do with the stobotnik shrine but also i don't wanna make my site all spoilers so maybe i'll wait until the bluray comes out or whatever for most of it. anyway i'm still poking around.