remember websites? websites were cool. i'm glad we're having websites again now. hello.

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NOVEMBER 9th 2022 not much in the way of major site news since i mostly poke at things when i feel like it, but i finished sonic frontiers and i think i'm gonna be rotating it in my mind for a good long while. i preordered the billion cd soundtrack set. this game is exactly what i want in a sonic game story. thenks ian flynn for my life.
SEPTEMBER 29th 2022 still playing around with things here and there, but the most important news is that i made a webring! it's called web ring zone, it's for sonic fans, and you can find it here. beyond that, i've been spending a lot of time playing skies of arcadia legends on my gamecube, which i never got to play back in the day because there were too many games for me to buy!! i got a memory card with "swiss" on it and now i can play isos on gamecube. technology is incredible. speaking of bideo bames, i'll be going to a gaming expo this weekend, so that'll be fun. there will be pinball!!! maybe i'll make a pinball page. maybe not. we'll see!
AUGUST 29th 2022 biggest update is that i made a gallery for my t-shirt collection, because i wear a lot of those things and it seemed like a fun idea. beyond that, still poking at things here and there and everywhere. up down and all around.


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